Lighting as a Service

 What is Lighting as a Service(LaaS) ?

Lighting as a service is an all-inclusive contract-based model designed to make LED lighting an affordable option for any business owner or service manager. It includes an analysis of current data, lighting strategy, installation of upgraded equipment and technology, and continual  management of the system. Instead of a large upfront capital investment, clients can arrange for monthly payments that are determined by the current energy costs and savings.

How does it work?

Rather than spending money on a lighting upgrade, our team will install and manage a new long-life, high-efficiency lighting system with no upfront costs. We pay for the LED lighting upgrade, and only take an agreed percentage of the project savings over a period of time. As part of our recurring services, we also manage all maintenance and repair work, optimising the installation’s performance throughout the life of the contract.

What are the Benefits?

Instant Payback

We provide a Lighting as a Service (LaaS) program so that you can take advantage of the cost  savings from upgrading to LED lighting in no time. With zero upfront capital requirement you will achieve positive cash flow from day one.

Zero Risk

Lighting as a Service follow a specific process to ensure you get a solution tailored to meet your  exact requirements. Our service is designed to give you peace of mind and guarantees that the performance and savings targets are met.

Reduce Costs

As LEDs offer such impressive energy savings, coupled with the reduction in maintenance costs – this structure is essentially self-funding, enabling customers to start making savings instantly.  

Improve Green Credentials

LaaS is one of the many cost-effective financing options Arc Renewable Group offers for building owners and managers looking to improve their building’s green credentials and NABERS rating.

Our Process

1. SiteAudit

We conduct a comprehensive Site Audit and identify potential savings.

2. Offer

Our team will present a customised lighting solution with a clear indication of the savings & percentage split.

3. Build

Once approved, we deliver and install the lighting system

4. Maintenance

You have peace of mind as we look after maintenance for the life of the contract.

5. Profit

You share the project savings with us. Cash flow positive from day one because you don’t have to use your own capital to upgrade!

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