Green Finance & Government Policy

As financiers become familiar and comfortable with renewable energy and energy efficient technologies, financial capital is becoming increasingly available for investment in project implementation. There has never been a better time to invest in renewable energy projects in Australia.

Financing can be an effective way of reducing the cash flow burden imposed by a project. It can also be an effective was to manage project risk and maximise relevant tax benefits.

Arc Renewables works with leading green energy finance lenders and brokers to provide our clients access to various financing options including:

  • Loans, Leases & Rentals
  • Project Finance
  • Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUA’s)
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)


Our specialist approach helps our clients quickly assess the cashflow position for a potential installation and compare the cashflow outcomes for various finance products. 

Benefits of financing renewable energy projects include:

  • Self-funded, cash flow positive projects. No need for CAPEX budget
  • Free up capital for core business activities
  • Tax benefits
  • Financial products for the renewable energy sector attract a discount (typically ~70 basis points off standard rates)
  • De-risk project implementation

“Invest your capital in your core business. Let us be the energy experts.”

Government Rebates, Grants & Incentives

The Australian renewable energy industry is highly fragmented. Both federal and state-based incentives exists, as well as incentives for implementation of particular technologies.

Thankfully, Arc Renewables is able to help maximise government assistance to your project. We manage the whole process for you and our strict compliance guidelines ensure we follow best practise guidelines for maximum transparency.

There are numerous federal and state-based government rebates, grants and incentives including:

You can be sure that Arc Renewables will ensure you enjoy the maximum benefit from these schemes should you be eligible.

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