Energy Procurement

 Arc Renewables

The energy market in Australia is experiencing a time of unprecedented change and volatility. Energy prices are rising, renewable energy uptake is disrupting traditional energy generation and transmission models and energy networks and retailers are struggling to adjust to the pace of change.

The result is a complex and volatile market place, presenting both challenges and opportunities. Our team of energy market experts and partners specialise in negotiating the best possible energy deal for our wide range of clients ranging from SME’s to large corporates with multiple sites across the NEM.

Our wholistic approach and vision ensures we don’t stop at simply finding a better energy rate. We look at the key underlying drivers behind your energy consumption and help develop a strategy to maximise energy reduction and achieve energy targets as effectively as possible.

Key Services

Our team of experts and partners provide a comprehensive range of services including:

 Development of energy procurement strategies
 Assessing current contracts and advising on potential risks and opportunities such as profile aggregation
 Advise on how and when to negotiate an energy contract
 Negotiating energy contract terms and conditions
 Solar Power Purchase Agreements
 Provide information regarding price and market trends
 Electricity & Gas procurement

Our Best Value Approach


We get to understand your energy consumption in detail. We don’t just tender out your existing energy usage. This approach aligns our incentives with yours.


We look at ways to reduce and supplement your energy consumption. Contrary to many brokers who get paid commission on the amount of energy consumed, we look at ways of fundamentally reducing or altering your energy profile to maximise benefit to your business.


Horizontal Integration allows us to act as a one stop shop for your energy needs. Aggregating these services often leads to further implementation cost reductions.

Our Process

  • Gain an understanding of your historical and estimated future energy profile
  • Understand your energy goals and objectives
  • Identify options for achieving those objectives efficiently
  • Present you with a list of services suitable for your business to achieve your energy goals
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