Energy Efficiency

In many cases, energy efficiency has proven to be more one of the most cost-effective ways to help our clients save money. Arc Renewables offers a turnkey service, combining engineering, economic and strategic advisory services with real world solutions to help our clients reduce their consumption and OPEX.

We do more than LED lights, Arc Renewables has the capability and qualifications to perform energy audits, Identify energy saving opportunities, provide financing solutions if required, and be there in the long haul through our maintenance agreement.

We have helped clients in a wide variety of industries save energy through a wide variety of measures including:

  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • HVAC optimisation
  • Energy Efficient Hot Water
  • Process optimisation
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • LED Lighting Retrofits

    Lighting contributes significantly to most commercial loads and in-efficient lighting can cost customers thousands in operating expenses and significantly increase HVAC loads and maintenance costs.

    LED’s, with their continuous decrease in cost and increase in efficacy and lifetime have become the new standard for energy efficient lighting.

    Government rebates and incentives are available for LED and other energy efficient technologies in most states including NSW and Victoria helping reduce the initial cost and improve financial viability.

    Arc/Arc Renewables has completed many successful retrofits for clients across a variety of industry sectors and follows industry best practice guidelines for WH&S, Project Management, recycling & lighting systems design.

    Arc Renewables will:

    • Perform preliminary site inspection and analysis
    • Source a suitable LED lighting technology
    • Project manage system installation and rebate paperwork
    • Collaborate with third-party lighting auditors to ensure that the system meets national lighting requirements
    • Verify energy savings
  • Power Factor Correction

    As peak demand charges become an increasing portion of commercial energy costs, reducing peak demand and power factor has become increasing attractive financially. As many electricity supply companies rollout kVA based maximum demand charges, considering ways to reduce electrical inefficiencies and improve power quality is key to a successful demand management solution.

    For end users such as manufacturers, commercial buildings and light industry, the cost of poor power factor, can manifest itself through:

    • Increased electrical and demand tariffs
    • poor equipment performance
    • equipment failure or potential loss of production.
    • Infrastructure upgrades

    In addition, many businesses employ a set and forget strategy when it comes to power factor correction. Power Factor equipment may have been sized for a previous business, or the electrical load may have changed significantly, rendering existing PFC equipment ineffective.

    Arc/Arc Renewables not only offers power correction services, we also analyse the effect of implementing various energy efficient options on power factor to ensure existing power factor equipment is correctly sized and balanced.

    Arc Renewables will:

    • Perform load analysis
    • Source power factor equipment
    • Project manage installation
    • Advice regarding government rebate options available
  • Voltage Optimisation

    Voltage optimisation technology can help regulate and condition the incoming power supply to reduce the voltage supplied to an optimum level for on-site electrical equipment and appliances.

    The optimal voltage depends on the equipment used and supplying high quality clean power to equipment can reduce the amount of energy consumed by equipment as well as extend useful life.

    Modern monitoring tools and software provide unprecedented insight into power quality issues and ensure transparency in helping identify site specific tools. Our team of engineers can assess your power quality to see if voltage optimisation is right for your business.

    Voltage optimisation has many potential benefits including:

    • Energy and Demand Charge reduction,
    • Reducing carbon emissions
    • improved power quality through phase balancing and filtering harmonics & transients from the network supply
    • Increase equipment lifetime and reduce wear & tear

    Who can benefit?

    Many businesses can benefit from the technology. In particular if you are experiencing the below issues, voltage optimisation may be a viable solution.

    • Overheating of transformers, switchgear or cabling
    • Nuisance tripping of circuit breakers or fuses
    • High energy costs and kVA Demand charges
    • Unstable equipment operation
    • Power Quality Issues

    Contact us now for an assessment Our engineers will;

    • Review or help create your electric equipment register
    • Assess your equipment’s voltage sensitivity
    • Review existing maintenance schedules
    • Monitor site power consumption
    • Assess the feasibility of voltage optimisation and other identified opportunities
  • Energy Efficient Hot Water

    Arc Renewables has a long history designing and installing commercial energy efficient solar thermal and heat pump water heating systems.

    Utilising the latest technology, customers can reduce their hot water Energy consumption by as much as 80%.

    Arc Renewables also offers hot water as a service through our partner company Arc Energy.

    • Reduce hot water OPEX by up to 80%
    • Improve building Greenstar & NABERS Ratings
    • Fuel switch to protect against gas price rises
    • Fully financed options available

    Arc Renewables will:

    • Perform initial site inspection and assessment
    • Design and size a suitable energy efficient hot water system for your site
    • Project manage system installation
    • Provide a variety of financing options
  • Monitoring & Process Optimisation

    Arc Renewables has the skills and experience to tackle the “real low hanging fruit” through electrical monitoring, often with zero capital.

    We turn granular data into actionable intelligence that can yield real results within days. Monitoring can be temporary or long-term dependent upon needs.

    The system is easy to install, does not require any electrical isolation and is scalable from a single circuit to 100+ circuits. Practical recommendations are often found around:

    • Air conditioning
      • Timers incorrect
      • Control set points
    • Lighting left on overnight
    • Peak demand management
    • Automated usage/demand alerts
    • Unknown vampire loads
    • Hot water system timers
    • Others equipment specific

     Arc/Arc Renewables will:

    • Design a service specific to your needs to ensure best value
    • Work directly with your electrical/air-conditioning contractors to achieve results seamlessly with minimal internal resources being tied up (if desired)
    • Provide data demonstrating pre and post opportunity implementation
    • Identify inconsistencies with Air conditioning operation that can improve system longevity
    • Often identify replicable initiatives to be implemented on similar non-metered sites
  • Variable Speed Drives

    According to the IEA, the industrial sector consumes about half of all global energy output, and approximately two-thirds of this is consumed by motors in the form of fans, pumps, compressors etc.

    Using a variable speed drive (VSD) is one of the most effective ways to save energy, with savings of up 50% achievable compared to traditional control methods.

    Conventional motor systems operate at a constant speed, and changes in output are controlled by some form of mechanical throttling, such as valves. During Operation, a conventional motor continues working at full speed and uses electrical energy at the full-load rate, even when performing less work. This is extremely inefficient. VSDs enable a more efficient way of controlling changes in output by changing the speed and therefore electrical input of the motors according to variations in the load.

    Variable Speed Drives don’t just save energy. They also:

    • Increase Motor Lifetime
    • Improve Power Factor
    • Reduce Noise
    • Improve operational flexibility

    Many variables impact the amount of energy that can be saved, including the cost of electricity, annual operating hours, system duty cycle and motor loading.

If your business uses pumps, fans or other motors, contract Arc renewables for an assessment and find out if you can save.


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