Embedded Networks

With over 50% of the population projected to be living in strata titled dwellings in the next decade, the provision of efficient, cost effective services for the sector is set to be a major issue. Market drivers including soaring utility rates, minimum energy requirements and a shift in the energy mix are presenting a huge opportunity to move away from traditional business models that benefit older, inflexible utility providers to more agile business models that benefit consumers and end users.

Embedded networks present a win-win-win solution to service provision through the aggregation of energy services in multitenancy buildings, providing developers with centralised infrastructure, and owners the benefit of savings through bulk purchasing power.

What is an Embedded Network?

Embedded networks are private (electricity/hot water/data) networks which serve to aggregate the consumption of multiple premises and are located within, and connected to, a distribution or transmission system through a parent connection point. Such a configuration unlocks bulk pricing and subsequent discounts for individual end users ensuring a win-win-win situation for all involved.

Arc Renewables works with new and existing building owners, tenants, property developers, architects and hydraulic engineers to supply bulk energy efficient hot water, electricity and data to multi-tenanted buildings with our Partner Arc Energy Group.

Our focus on energy efficiency benefits the end user through lower operating costs and energy bills, as well as other stakeholders through increased property valuations and lower strata management costs. Moreover, this approach aligns itself perfectly with our aim of providing results-based solutions to our clients.

Benefits of an Embedded Network

 Lower tariffs for end users
 Improved ability to service and upgrade infrastructure
 Improved system monitoring allows for identification of energy efficiency opportunities
 Expedites service connections and approval times
 Ensures utility services are managed and maintained by a team of experts

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We offer this service in partnership with Arc Energy Group. Click here to find out more.

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