Electric Vehicles

“EV’s are coming! Is your building ready?”

Arc Renewable Group is leading the way in integrating scalable EV charging solutions in new developments, helping future proof infrastructure and reduce carbon footprint.

We partner with leading EV Charging suppliers to provide the safest, latest and most reliable hardware and software solutions.

Deploying EV Charging stations are a great way to:

  • Prepare for the shift to EV vehicles
  • Increase rental prices and property value
  • Improved green ratings (BASIX, NABERS etc.) and help meet sustainability targets

Who can benefit?

 Strata & multitenancy buildings
 Public Areas

Our solutions include:

  • Shared charging stations
  • In-bay charging stations
  • Innovative billing software solutions including blockchain based billing
  • L4 autonomy enabling remote systems communication
  • Solar powered & battery integrated charging

Our team of in-house engineers will help scope the required infrastructure and provide an appropriate solution for your site.

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