Commercial LED Installation Audit

Several state and territory governments across Australia offer various incentives and rebates to homeowners and businesses for implementing various measures that contribute to energy efficiency. Two of these are the NSW Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) and the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET), both of which offer rebates on upgrading commercial lighting to LEDs. But the rebates are not solely dependent on your business simply switching to using LED lights: while some requirements may differ across states and territories, they typically include using accredited suppliers, and a whole lot of paperwork. 

At Arc Renewables we not only understand the energy efficiency or savings rebate requirements for each state or territory, we also know who the accredited suppliers are, and the type of lighting supplies that are approved for rebates. In addition to being able to project manage the installation of your new LED lighting system, we can also manage all the rebate paperwork for you to eliminate delays and errors, ensuring the rebates are able to help off-set the cost of the LED installation. Part of our service includes all-important pre- and post-installation audits.

Initial Audit & Analysis

While our initial LED installation audit is similar to a regular energy audit in that we consider your current energy use, it differs in that the only systems and equipment that we assess are all linked to commercial lighting. From general lighting through to office lighting, and display lighting through to ambient lighting, almost all lighting sources in your business can be upgraded to LEDs, with the key word being upgrade. Switching to using LEDs is not as simple as just swapping out incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent lights with LEDs. 

The actual light fittings – and in some instances, the circuitry too – need to be replaced, and during our initial audit and analysis we will assess all of this to ensure that our design and costing of your new LED system is accurate. And with commercial installations, we also need to consider LUX levels, which are governed by AS/NZS Lighting Standards and BCA requirements, and even the colour temperature of your lighting, which might vary across different parts of your business.

Our initial LED installation audit enables us to design a new lighting system that leaves your business as well-lit as before – and always meeting AS/NZS Lighting Standards and BCA requirements. The new design will be discussed with you, along with the cost to supply and install the new LED lighting system using only accredited suppliers. We will also discuss potential savings the new system could help you achieve – in terms of future energy usage versus current energy usage, and in terms of resources and maintenance – along with expected rebates you might be eligible for. 

Post-Installation Audit & Analysis

Our work with you does not end once the new LED system is installed and turned on. Prior to the actual installation, all energy savings, rebates, and achievement of meeting AS/NZS Lighting Standards and BCA requirements are all speculative and can only be confirmed post-installation. So, a post-installation audit and analysis is carried out by us once all work on the new LED system is completed. It begins with us once again measuring LUX levels throughout the site to confirm they are the same as – or better than – your old lighting system, and that at a minimum they comply with AS/NZS Lighting Standards.

We will also audit all completed rebate paperwork and follow up on any outstanding rebates, along with reassessing whether there are any other rebates you possibly qualify for now. And finally, we will also verify what your actual energy savings are once the system has been operational for some time; because we don’t believe on promising anything that we aren’t able to deliver on, especially when it comes to energy efficiency.

Our pre- and post-installation audit services are not limited to commercial LED installations only. We can carry out energy audits and system upgrades for Strata properties and agribusiness too when looking to improve energy efficiency through the use of LEDs, variable speed drives (VSD) on pumps, fans and other motors. Contact Arc Renewables to find out how we can help your business or development become more energy efficient and reduce energy costs


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